This year's Belgian Cycling Championship for elite men and women was all about safety. The critical points on the 235.8 km long course were secured with no fewer than 30 BOPLAN® RACE TOTEMs and 44 RACE BUMPERs.

The dramatic series of accidents in recent weeks forces organizers to look for safety solutions that adequately protect cyclists from all kinds of road furniture. With the large-scale deployment of BOPLAN® safety solutions, the organization of the Belgian Cycling Championship Halle-Anzegem 2020 fully committed to maximum safety.

BOPLAN®, world player in collision protection, today offers 2 rapidly deployable solutions that protect cyclists against accidents:

  • Impact-resistant RACE BUMPERs that act as a resilient buffer between rider and obstacle (posts, light poles, trees, etc.) along the road. They were first introduced at the E3 BinckBank Classic 2019 and have since been used extensively in numerous competitions;
  • RACE TOTEMs made from impact absorbing polymer. These “cycle race marshals with super power” warn riders of potential dangers such as refuge islands and road narrowings. The large black arrows at the top of the Race Totem indicate on which side the obstacle should be passed. The BOPLAN® Race Totems were launched very recently and were used for the first time on the Belgian Cycling Championship for elite. The thirty 2m40 high BOPLAN® Race Totems were also equipped with a pulsating light and auditive warning signal.

Both safety solutions have a signage and impact function. Due to their striking color and shape, riders are initially warned from impending danger. When an impact does occur, the impact is largely absorbed, drastically reducing the risk of physical injury.

Both RACE BUMPERs and RACE TOTEMs are available to organizers who want to further improve safety for riders.

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