The E3 Prize is safer than ever!


Friday 29th of March 2019 is when we will hear the starting shot of the E3 Prize for the 62nd time. Just like every year, this promises to be a terrific event with well-known names. As partner for the event, BOPLAN® will ensure the safety on the track!

A cycle race is not without danger, certainly not when the participants enter the final sprint! Just before the last kilometre, the pack swings at full speed through Berkenlaan and Acacialaan streets in Harelbeke. At that point, the risk of collisions is great. For that reason, BOPLAN® shall install polymer RACE BUMPERS at all critical points. That will instantly make the 2019 race edition the safest one ever!

robust column protection

The BOPLAN® RACE BUMPER is perfect for effective protection of pillars, trees, poles, traffic sign posts etc. In addition to a flexible and user-friendly application, this column protector also has an appealing look! BOPLAN® won an international iF Design Award for this protector.

why synthetic collision protection?

Collision protection made from polymer has numerous advantages. Due to its elastic features, the collision protection absorbs the energy from an impact and returns to its original shape after a collision. In other words, this means that polymer collision protection is almost maintenance-free and resists the most diverse circumstances and weather conditions.

award winner

BOPLAN® is one of the biggest players in safety protection. This year, we won the coveted Lion of Export award, awarded by the Flanders Investment & Trade government agency! This and other awards are the crowning glory of our work and a motivation to make a bigger effort to innovate, research, develop and grow!

This enables us to permanently offer safety solutions to a variety of sectors: the food industry, ports/airports, chemical and production businesses, distribution centres, etc.

Curious about how you can deploy BOPLAN® RACE BUMPERS easily and quickly? Visit us during the E3 Prize at Berkenlaan and Acacialaan in Harelbeke. Our safety products will immediately catch the eye. Do you have specific questions about the protection of your warehouse, industrial plant, department store or parking? Do not hesitate to contact us.