Tour in Flanders for G-sportsmen focuses on safety with BOPLAN®


On Sunday 2 May, the Tour in Flanders was organised for the very first time for G-sportspeople from Bruges to Ronse. 108 riders were at the start divided over different categories such as cycling bike, tandem, handbike, tri-bike,...

50 RACE BUMPERs and 10 RACE TOTEMs had to secure the road race and the riders. BOPLAN® is pleased to share its experience and expertise in the world of G-sports.

Safety is an unconditional top priority for BOPLAN®. We strive to reduce the risk of accidents to an absolute minimum, both in companies and at events.

Are you organizing a cycling race? Or would you like to know more about our safety solutions? Please feel free to contact us for information on how we can increase safety at your event. Together we make the sport of cycling safer!