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Discover our product range with the new BOPLAN Sport catalogue. Through this product overview you will find the right solutions you are looking for in no time. Besides a lot of product information, you can also find interesting content including test results on our Race Barriers.

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Our solutions


The trustworthy guide to a safe and streamlined race process

The BOPLAN® Race Guard is the ultimate solution for safe and streamlined cycling races. With its striking design and innovative features, the Race Guard guarantees maximum safety and clear signalling along the course.

Always ready and versatile

The versatility of the Race Guard is demonstrated by how easily it can be handled and (re)placed on the course. Whether closing off streets, marking corners or creating a safe passage for riders, Race Guard is always ready to clearly indicate changing race situations.

Stand out, stand out and stand out!

The 360° signalling board and built-in LED strip steer riders in the right direction. So they can fully focus on the race. A bend, a road narrowing? The Race Guard with striking light signal is on post to warn the peloton in time.

With its striking yellow colour and massive volume with a height of 1m75, the Race Guard cannot be missed. Moreover, its pulsing LED lights make it extra visible in daylight, so riders are always alerted in time to risky situations on the course.

In short, with the Race Guard by your side, you are guaranteed a flawless and safe racing experience, focusing on maximum sporting performance and minimum risk.



  • Easy to handle and quick to (re)place on the course to indicate changing race situations in a timely manner
  • A 360° sign to indicate direction
  • Visual warning with a pulsing LED light that is also highly visible during the day
  • Made of impact-absorbing polymer
  • Highly visible thanks to its striking yellow colour and height of 1 m 75
  • Can be weighted down with water or sand
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Round shapes, no protruding parts
  • Special cut-outs for forklift and transpallet
  • An integrated lifting eye for easy positioning



The BOPLAN® RACE PAD with its 5 cm thick impact-absorbing foam layer is the perfect solution for shielding high obstacles along the course such as trees, lighting poles and posts with traffic signs.

With a height of 180 cm and a striking yellow color, the RACE PAD guarantees optimum visibility. Installation is easy and quick with click buckles for a tight fit. The PVC covering is water- and UV-resistant, hard-wearing and easy to clean.



  • 5 cm thick foam layer absorbs impact
  • Highly visible due to the contrasting color and height (180 cm)
  • Fasten with buckles for a tight fit
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Water- and UV-resistant
  • Easy to clean


Safety barriers for the finishing area

The BOPLAN® RACE BARRIER is specially designed for the protection of the finish area of cycling races. These yellow polymer barriers of 1m40 high provide optimal protection for both riders and spectators during one of the most critical phases of the race. The 70° angle of inclination to the ground ensures that spectators are kept a safe “selfie distance” from the riders' lane.

The safety fences can be seamlessly connected with a tongue and groove connection and have a continuous, recessed advertising space. The legs are collapsible and specially provided openings ensure problem-free transport with a forklift.


  • made entirely of impact-absorbing polymer
  • height of 140 cm in combination with 70° angled position ensures a safe distance from the audience
  • seamless connection by means of tongue and groove system
  • easy to link together
  • recessed advertising space
  • can be weighted for optimal stability
  • folding legs
  • stackable and easy to use
  • special recesses for forklift transport



The BOPLAN® RACE TOTEM can be used at potentially dangerous places in the course where clear signage is required: at pedestrian refuge islands, speed bumps, junctions, pinch points, narrowings of carriageways, dangerous obstacles such as road signs and posts, street furniture, etc. Deployment of race marshals in these areas is often inadequate and even dangerous, with possibly serious consequences such as bodily injury to participants and employees.

The BOPLAN® RACE TOTEM is designed to warn participants of an obstacle in time. In the event of an impact, the energy-absorbing polymer ensures much less risk of injury.


  • great visibility from a distance due to its striking yellow color, its height of 2m40 and the pulsating light signal at the top
  • warning sound signal
  • direction indication for the riders on which side to pass
  • 180° protection around the obstacle
  • can be weighted for optimal stability
  • easy and quick to install
  • weather resistant
  • impact-absorbing polymer
  • all-curved design reduces risk of injury in a collision
  • equipped with GPS tracking system


quickly deployable collision protection along the race course

The BOPLAN® RACE BUMPERS are a must for fast and efficient protection of trees, posts, fences and others dangerous obstacles along it trail. These fenders out of impact absorbent plastic give clear a potential hazard and mitigate the consequences of a possible collision with the obstacle to a minimum.

The fenders are at the back equipped with chains for fast and easy attachment. Because of the special recess optimizes the obstacle secured.


  • Impact absorbing
    If a participant in a sports competition hits the BOPLAN® RACE BUMPER, the force of the impact will be significantly reduced, avoiding  serious injuries.
  • Quick installation
    Obstacles are easily secured with the BOPLAN® RACE BUMPER. The bumper is installed and removed in the blink of an eye!
  • Sustainable
    The bumpers last a long time and are virtually maintenance free. You can use them for multiple races and easily stock them afterwards. In addition, they are 100% recyclable.
  • Weatherproof
    Just like the participants, our safety products continue to perform in all weather conditions!



The BOPLAN® RACE PILLAR is a specially designed safety solution to extend the length of smaller traffic furniture. With a height of 1m80 and its striking yellow colour, the pillars ensure that bollards, traffic signs etc. are noticed more quickly by the riders. In addition, the arrows provide extra signalling and guide the riders in the right direction.

The RACE PILLAR is easy to handle and requires little effort to install. Thanks to its adapted design, the pillar can easily be placed in front of the obstacle and then fixed in place with tiewraps. Due to its double sticker design, a Pillar can be placed on both sides of the road by simply turning it around.


  • made entirely of impact-absorbing plastic
  • yellow colour for optimal visibility from a large distance
  • height of 180 cm with adapted shape
  • rounded shapes, no sharp corners
  • indication on which side the obstacle has to be passed
  • easy and quick to install with tiewraps
  • durable & weatherproof
  • 100% recyclable

" Boplan® exceeded our expectations and we are proud to be part of what are the first steps towards a total revolution in safety during cycling races. "

Agata Lang
Vice President of Tour de Pologne / Member of the UCI Management Commitee


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For more than 20 years, BOPLAN® has been designing and developing innovative solutions for protecting pedestrians and workplaces in commercial and industrial environments. Our passion for quality and sense of innovation have made us one of the leading companies with unparalleled expertise in the safety sector.

Our “READY FOR IMPACT” safety products meet the strictest safety and impact protection standards. Under the name “BOPLAN® SPORT”, we now share this expertise with the sports world, with the aim of protecting people and resources and ensuring that sports events take place as safely as possible.

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